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Who we are

We are a group of skilled experts in the field of Internet technology, IT services, IT development and consulting. Our aim is to work as a united force and provide excellent services for those who need help concerning web and IT solutions for their business advancement.

Daily, we are working as contractors and freelancers for companies mostly in United Kingdom, Poland, Italy and Middle East. We run dedicated support to our clients as well as we maintain our own infrastructure (supported by in Germany) for projects hosted in-house.

After years of working together on various projects for many clients we decided to unite all together under Expertiv brand due to having the same vision and quality standards. By merging our services together we achieved great stability of services for our customers allowing us to be available for you 24/7.

You can meet us and review individual's profile along with expertise and areas of interest.

Grzegorz Wozniak

Senior Web Engineer

Gregory is present in the IT industry since almost fourteen years. His first projects released in college allowed him to better understand Information Technology and web security along with choosing the future area of expertise. He is graduated in Computer Science in University of Bologna in Italy and Computer Engineering in Westpomeranian Business School in Poland with software engineering and internet technology specialties.

His first web-developer role right after graduation was held in Rome in start-up called Passpack in 2009.

Please see Gregory's complete profile.

Lukasz Pietraszek

UI Developer

Lukasz is UI/Front-end developer with proven track-record over five years in creating clean, accessible and user-friendly responsive websites. Self motivated and adaptable, independent minded, with a keen eye for detail. Experienced in working with Agile methodologies.

He hand-codes all of his HTML, CSS and Javascript due to the strong belief that robust solutions depend upon a deep understanding of all the front-end code. This discipline also enables efficient fixing of bugs when they arise. His specialities are: HTML5, CSS3, Web Design/Development, RWD, Usability, Web Standards, Axure RP

Please see Lukasz's complete profile or download his CV.

Wiktor Kowalczyk

Creative Director

Wiktor is a creative director with over 15 years of experience in brand creation and development. Has worked for a number of international clients and consultancies.

Wiktor applies creative thinking across the communications spectrum, from advertising, interactive forms, print and publishing design to environmental design. Combining forward-thinking, strategic advice with creative and technical expertise.

Please see Wiktor's complete profile.


Join us

If you are working as a contractor or freelancer in Information Technology area you are welcomed to join us. We will grant you some space within our infrastructure, establish your own support branch and help you in your ticket triage and advisory once they require professional knowledge posessed by other Expertiv team members. You can also cooperate with us on "Umbrella" terms.

We require your expertise and passion in IT area of your preference. We demand high quality of your work, services offered, products and customer care. We also expect that your SLA and terms of service will be realistic and maintained responsibly with precision and your client best interests.

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We are focused on business and corporational technologies because we find in ourselves capability to support critical processes and tasks. With the same passion we are helping start-up's and small companies choosing the right digital way and tools for their business.

We are focused on business and corporational technologies because we find in ourselves capability to support critical processes and tasks.

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We never stop measuring response times for all of our projects and we also make use of an advanced system to catch any anomalies or to any signals of hacking activities.

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